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feeling a bit of depression this morning.  i had something I needed to do today and it was just to much.  I called my mom and told her she is going to help me do it today.  Im glad for that.  I had to go get a shot yesterday.  Its something I have to do the day after each chemo appointment. Its to keep my blood levels up.  The nurse told me i might feel bone pain after the shot.  Im kind of feeling ache this smorning too and wondinging if that might be bone pain.  I wasnt sure if the bone pain was supposed to be just in my arm or all over.  does any one know?


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    They probably gave you a shot

    They probably gave you a shot of Neulasta.  Are you taking Claritin?  Some of the ladies swear by it - you start taking it the day before your shot and keep taking it for awhile.  I took it before and after but still had excruciating pain.  It felt like my hips and pelvis bones were vibrating in pain and the Percoset didn't even touch it.  But....a LOT of the ladies had little or no pain and it does build your white blood count back up quickly.  When I called my oncologist's office about the pain, his PA said "Oh, didn't anybody tell you to take Claritin?"  Well thank heavens I was on this site because "NO, nobody from your office told me a thing!!"  I can't imagine what the pain would have been like if I hadn't taken the Claritin.

    Some of the ladies have also said a heating pad or a warm bath help with that pain.



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    One of the hardest parts of this journey is learning how to depend on others to help. I'm glad you called your Mom for help. It gives the ones that love us an opportunity to feel like they are making a difference. Please continue to reach out. You are going to have times when you have zero energy. It isn't fun to deal with but is part of the side effects. Give yourself the rest time needed to get ready for the next round. Remember, this is all temporary and you will look back on it and be amazed at how strong you were.

    I agree with Eldri, it was most likely a Neulasta shot. And, like she said... some had no side effects from it. I only allowed them to give me one shot because it did make my bones and muscles hurt a lot. I opted to stay home instead of exposing myself to germs while my white blood counts were too low. If you start experiencing a lot of pain, see if your doctor can give you a prescription for it. Mine told me I could take the Oxycodone that was left over from my surgery if I needed it.

    To answer your question directly - The bone pain can be anywhere. It normally hits the largest bones first because it is forcing your bones to build up the white blood cells at an accelerated rate.

    Finally, you will have what I called blue days. If it gets hard to live with, please consider seeing a doctor to get mild anti-depressants. There are people available to help you. Everyone is different and is effected by chemo in their own ways. Several of the ladies were helped by using them.

    I think you may already know this but I want to ask you to please read the 'Ladies Going Thru Chemo' thread. I still go back and read it even now for reference when strange things hit me. It really will give you a sense of "normal" because there are a ton of experiences detailed.

    Feel better Janae! Sending you lots of Love and Hugs! Cindi

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    Janae, I received a Neulasta shot after every chemo. The first time was the worst. It caused intense pain in my jaw within 48 hours of receiving it eventhough I was taking Claritin. A few pain pills that were left over from my surgery and a heating pad took care of it with another 48 hours. After that, the pain I experienced after each shot was very minor. Not sure if my body just got used to it or what but I never needed more than an Advil or two. Call the nurse and let her know that you need pain pills if Advil doesn't help you. No need to suffer. Hoping that you feel stronger ever day! Kim

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    Thank you

    Thanks every one.  It helps so much to not be alone in this.  As soon as my mom told me she would go get the paper i needed my depression went away.  She helped me during her lunch break.  Sooo helpful.  I did take an anti nausia pill this morning.  I wasnt sure if i was feeling nausia but took it just in case.  Im feeling a little better.  I am out of bed and still was able to have some watermelon, jello, and some juice and carnation intant breakfast.  Im glad I am still eating. and drinking.  Thanks for the reminder of the other thread it looked at that again.