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Hi all

Trying to get things settled before my surgery on 6/29. I'm wondering what type of clothing you found most comfortable after the surgery? It will definitely be hot and humid here. I 'm thinking tshirt dresses maybe the easiest? tshirt and shorts? Any advice would greatly be appreciated. 


I am having a laparospic robotic partial nephectomy next wed 6/29. The fact I now say it's next week is scary and relieved at the same time. I think I'm more scared of the pain afterwards since I have many drug allergies. They are doing the surgery on the same I had my appendectomy on the beginning of April. I wonder if that will affect how long it takes me to heal. Oh and yes I am a female lol. Thank you for all the tips. I just feel frustrated in some ways because I am now just feeling like my old self and go right back in for surgery. 




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    Fashion Police

    Stretchy and loose fitting.




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    Since you're referring to dresses I'll assume you're a female.  If not, please don't wear a dress.  haha 

    Sorry, anything you find to be comfy, nothing binding. 

    Best wishes on your procedure.  I'll keep you in my prayers,


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    Ice has it

    Stretchy and loose fitting.  Good luck!


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    One thing I found very

    One thing I found very uncomfortable was wearing a bra so for a few weeks I didn't. I don't know if other women found that too. Otherwise anything with a draw string or something that sits on your hips instead of waist is good. Loose T shirts also work. My surgery was in winter so it was not an option but loose sundresses in summer would be great.

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    Anything loose

    T-shirts and T-shirt or any loose summer dress would be good.  Drawstring pants are also good.  If you have to wear a bra, a sports bra might help, but either kind still rubs against my scar.

    When you get ready to drive or ride in a car, I found it very helpful to lay a curved neck pillow over my pelvic area to keep the seat belt from rubbing against my scar.  A normal pillow puts pressure on it, but the curved pillow leaves an opening preventing that.  You will be more comfortable sleeping in a recliner for a while rather than getting in and out of bed.  The other option is a back rest pillow for the bed, the ones that are like the top of a chair.


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    10 years ago...

    It was beastly the day I was discharged, but the Oregon coast was a tad bit cooler.  I'm female and had staples that ran from just below the navel, 14" up and over to the side.  They had to separate 2 ribs to get to the liver mets.

    Anyway, loose, cotton dresses (hung from the shoulders or with a drop waist) with a tank top underneath and bikini (not thong) unds.  Since I had lost a lot of weight, my pants hung low once I could wear them so there was no rubbing.  Definitely not the time to be glamorous, but be comfortable.

    I, too, slept in my recliner for several days, because I couldn't get in or out of bed without having to wake my husband.  And of course, the one kidney was keeping my bladder full!

    Good Luck.  You didn't say if it was a Lap or Open surgery.  Post care has gotten so much better that I think everyone has an easier surgery these days.


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    I just had mine removed may 2. I wore loose baggy tshirts and loose pajama shorts and sun dresses around house. i chose not to wear panties first 2 weeks in the house. when i had to go out to appointments I wore my loose scrubs with drawstring and sports bra. Good luck. I just came back to work as a nurse yesterday. It gets easier.

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    I can't comment regarding bras. I may need one, but I haven't resorted to wearing one just yet.

    I wore loose fitting t-shirt and stretchy, loose fitting jogging pants for several weeks.

    Getting in and out of bed was challenging, but I managed. I'd scoot close to the edge of the bed on my side, put my feet and lower legs out over the edge of the bed and use the weight of my legs to swing me upright. That way I didn't have to do that painful pulling my chest/shoulders, situp type maneuver. It worked really well for me. I did have a very firm mattress. Probably more difficult with a soft mattress.


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    I agree on loose fitting clothes

    I actually wore pj`s the first 2 weeks bcause I didn't go anywhere. 

    Todd, you made me smile about the bra comment! Thanks I needed s smile today!


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    I went to the local church

    I went to the local church thrift shop and found some elasticized sweat pants about 4 sizes too big.  They were perfect.   Have someone bring you a pillow to hug in the hospital if they don't give you one.  Hold that against your surgical site if you need to cough or sneeze.  Tell people not to make you laugh.  I used a bathroom towel between me and the seatbelt to keep pressure off my wound.   Slept propped up on pillows on a very comfortable couch.  My recliner is not comfortable.  With the exception of my first night home, I was not able to get out of bed once in it.  The first night I had a nurse friend help me, but I could never do it on my own, using my elbows to help get up.

    P.S.  I know this was more information than what you asked for, but thought it might be helpful.


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    Fashion statement and/or Comfort statement

    This is a great time to go for the saggy baggy resort wear look.  OK, maybe the saggy baggy "can't touch this" look.  I'm aiming for longish t-shirt dresses, flip flops, and super stretchy one-size-fits-several undergarments.

    How not to do it:  In my 20s, I had laprascopic surgery (Not kidney related).  Unfortunately, I had to go back to work (waitressing) within 48 hours if I wanted to pay the rent. Also unfortunately, I was required to wear a dress and stockings (pantyhose). An hour into my shift, I thought I was fixin' to die, thanks to the pantyhose.  I staggered off to a thrift shop after work and bought myself an ensemble which was more-or-less my uniform until I fully recovered from the surgery: Day-glo floral print muumuu, platform wedgie sandals, and a super-tacky (as if the other stuff wasn't already) woven straw purse with "Miami" embroidered on it.  Anybody who started to comment on my outfit got the stink eye from me (Mainly because I was still too sore to laugh hysterically). 

    Go for comfy, definitely!