Got CT Scan Moved Up, Recurrence Scare & Refusal to ever see a Male GYN



I saw my GP today. I told her about the continued spotting & increased pain. She managed to get my pelvic CT scan moved up to next Friday (the 17th June). She is also referring me to a gynecologist to get checked out & get any blood work done (CA125 & HE4). She didn't have the time to check my old CA125, so I will find that out when I see the GYN. It should be soon, but I would rather see her after the scan because she will have more information as to what is going on. She is also going to inform the GYN about my history of childhood sexual abuse & vaginismus, which I just mentioned to her today (after knowing her for 3 years). She doesn't know when the travelling GYN ONC is going to be in town next, but will refer me if necessary. I refuse to see a male doc though, so I might have to travel 5 hrs into Vancouver to see a female GYN ONC, if need be. Anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself. She said the pain could be from old scar tissue (from the surgery) and the bleeding could be caused by the anticouagulant I'm on temporarily. Anybody else in here absolutely refuse to see a male gynecologist?


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    I feel for you. But no. I have had some exceptionally bad female gynecologists, so am thankful to finally have a dillgent and caring doctor. I could have found such in a woman, I'm sure, but it just so happens that he's a man. Those exams are humiliating.

    My current gyn/onc is the head of the department of a university, so it's a teaching situation and he's usually accompanied by some "fellows," who are always women. However, the last time he examined me, a rash of young med. students came to the office to accompany him on his rounds - three or four young eager beaver guys - and after they shook hands with me, he ordered them out of the room and closed the door!! I had some problems as he discovered a post surgical polyp in my vagina (3 yrs post surgery) and decided to remove it in the office The young guys outside got impatient for action and knocked, and my doctor got annoyed! He would not let them in--and I was so happy about that. I felt respected. Another great thing is that he always waits for me to change into the gown after he's seen me in my street clothes first. I am not expected to sit in the exam room and freeze to death in a hospital gown. Anyway, it's the small things..

    You should do whatever you need to, though. Keep taking care of your self!! You are already a survivor and know what you need.