Opdivo Ct Results

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Hi Everyone good results on Opdivo after 5 years NED. I have being on Opdivo for 6 months. "There is  no evidence of recurrence or metastases''.

I have an infusion every 2 weeks ( no side effect to mention). I live in Tasmania (Australia)

A brief history.

2011 August right nephrectory tumour 1) 110x70x85 tumour 2) 105x95x85.

I have being on affinitor , sutent and votrient all work for a while then stopped.

I hope this helps.

Regards saintmont


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    That's awesome!!

    And many more years of the same hopefully.


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    Good News

    Good news from south of the equater. 


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    Opvido seems to be good

    I am happy that you have had good results too.  This stuff seems to be good for many of us.  Here's to continuted good results.



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    Great news

    Congratulations, I am glad Opdivo is working for you.


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    So glad it's working for you!

    So glad it's working for you! Wonderful news.

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    Good for you,

    ..and NIVO for all!!