omentum cancer

Hi everyone, before I ask anything I would just like to say thankyou in advance and also wish everyone on the site the best with what they are going through or have survived.

I am looking to speak to anyone male who has had omentum cancer as a metastasis from the bowel or other area as i have been led to believe its very different to people with primary omentum cancer. I know alot of women get it from ovarian but cannot find much information on men who have it or men speaking about having had it.

any information would be very much appreciated.


  • abrub
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    I'm female, but had cancer on my omentum from my appendix

    My primary was appendiceal cancer, but it spread to the omentum, ovary, and parts of my colon.  Surgery for removal of all visible cancer and intraperitoneal chemo, followed by systemic chemo were my treatments.  Get to a major cancer center.  Ask about Intraperitoneal chemo (HIPEC or other; mine was not the heated kind (HIPEC).)  I'm 9 years out and doing fine.

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    Male Omentum Cancer


    I know it's been a while since your post. I wanted to see how things have been for you? My father just found out his cancer spread to the omentum. I am trying to conduct some research myself, but I am having a hard time finding information on male omentum cancer. If you could share any information that you have found over the past year that would be tremendous.