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My husband is doing Folfox. He is scheduled to have 12 round.. But we red that oxaliplatin only need to have 8 to prevent premanent neuropathy damage. He just finished no. 7 and plan to stop (only oxy, will continue 5fu till finish) after 8 round by telling Oncologist he has nerve pain which he does although is not severe yet. He doen't want to wait till its too late. Would you share when to decide to stop from oxi and if the doc did some kind of test before they took out oxi from the treatment? Thank you


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    Did all 12 of Folfox, had

    Did all 12 of Folfox, had moderate neuropathy for 18 months or so. It went away, but I'm on the luckier side of the scale, others wished they stopped the Oxi.

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    Stopped at nine

    My neuropathy kicked in after I had stopped and while I was doing radiation and 5FU. I am three years out from treatment, the hands are weak but the neuropathy is gone, but the feet, while much improved, are still not right. 

    It is different for all of us. Such a hard decision to stop the chemo before it gets worse, as, like mine, it still might come on after Oxi has ended. 

    Wishing him all the best. 


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    Did 11 treatments - neuropathy was pretty severe.  My oncologist was a MSK researcher before entering private practise.  We talked about how bad it was getting.  He showed me a web site that gave the stats based on the number of treatments.  One treatment was less than 1% and given that I had  pretty good prognosis it came down to a quality of life desicion.  I decided based on a quality of life basis and opted out of the last treatment with his encouragement.  I am glad I did.  Here I am NED and can't feel toes or finger tips.  It could have been MUCH worse - over the years I have had perhaps a day or so of pain in my feet  - triggered by extreme cold, but other than that I have had no pain at all.  Just a little VSE (Visual Self Examination) required to check for injury from time to time.

    Best wishes,


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    Thank you All for your

    Thank you All for your comments. We were also told by the 2nd opinion Oncologist that 8 round  is good enough for oxaliplatin on rectal cancer. But hubby end up doing folfox with the 1st onC who suggest for 12 rounds. Thank you again also for the wishes and have a great weekend