Going, going. GONE!

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In the vein of "kids, don't try this at home..." my husband finally removed his PEG tube - himself. Note: he is a doctor and kept telling me he could do it and it would be easy. I know KDot (Karen), who is a nurse, also removed hers.  Are you guys pioneer men and women or what?! In any case I am thrilled that he finally has it out. One more milestone to tick off.

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    Another milestone, self

    Another milestone, self-inflected! Congratulation..

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    Sounds like he gave himself a great anniversary present! Congratulations to you both!  What's for dinner tonite:)

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    Losing that appendage was one of my highlights.  I could finally wear any clothes I wanted to wear.

    If this doesn't post then I'm about to give up...

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    Some people change their own oil.  Your husband popped his own PEG.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.




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    glad its gone

    Putting it mildly I'm no fan of PEG so anything one is off to the dumps is a fine day! Congrats.

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    Wow.........Glad to hear he is so much better.

    Celabrate every milestone, as there are no small ones, all are major to the ones that have to go through them.


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    Another step on the path back

    Another step on the path back to normal! 

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    hahaha.  Awesome!!!  Its a

    hahaha.  Awesome!!!  Its a big step coming off the tube.  Of course a doctor would take his out!!!  I had this dream where my BFF at work took out my port and I had an iregular heart rate and passed out, had to take me to the ED and I got in huge trouble.  LOL just a dream!  I'll have the port taken out in early July if I am NED at 6 months.  I really like the port though.  It IS ugly and it sticks out but I really like using it for all the scans and blood draws.  Oh Well.