Another post surgery update

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I had my post surgery consultation with my oncologist yesterday. 

She agrees with my surgeon that right now as far as surgery, scans and pathology show there is no sign of any cancer left.

That said, if there are tiny microscopic drop cells still hanging out they are to small to show up. With my history after 3 times it is a gamble. As far as she is concerned at this point there is nothing further to treat. There is no point putting my body through aggressive chemo that might not be needed. She would prefer to save it should it be needed down the line.

She was honest and said after 3 times we may or may not be done with this so we will scan every 3 to 4 months pretty much indefinitely. The goal is to catch anything quickly if it happens. 

I would like to go with being done with this now please!

So time to heal up and plan a mid summer adventure before scans mid August. Life will be planned in 3 month intervals. The goal being life. Time for that leap of faith. 


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    Been living 3-4 month

    Been living 3-4 month intervals for over 8 1/2 years now. If I scan clean in July, I'll finally go to 6 mos. then yearly. The progression will feel good, but I've been through too much to ever stop knowing that it lurks............................................Dave

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    Such good news

    Take it and run. 

    We all know that it will forever be a part of our lives, but live it up every day between tests.  

    They say third time is a charm, so maybe its true, in an odd sort of way, for you. 


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    Good for you! I hope that's

    Good for you! I hope that's it, enough is enough.


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    One month interval

    i know what you mean however my CEA has been a strong indicator of cancer activity so my onc has me going in monthly for CEA tests and bi-monthly for CT scans. So I'm living on the monthly schedule, feeling the anxiety with each test / scan.

    I wish I could simply surender to fate and not feel the anxiety. Or surrender to faith. Anyway. Monthly here.