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Since my tongue surgery (tumor removal) I think everything is going ok.  I'm eating more things and even took some pills with water the last two day.  The only problem I'm having right now is that because of the way my tongue is now, it's misaligned so it's driving me crazy.  I can't stop sucking on the right side or biting down on part of it.


If anyone else has had this problem, how did you deal with it?  Did it ever get better.  It's sort of involuntary I guess but it can't be good.


Also, why the heck is this font so small?  I don't see anywhere to change it.


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    Sorry about your toung

    Hoping your tongue gets better as you get used to the change.

    Not sure why the change and they left off the Fonts and Size. With my eyes, it is very hard on them. I have a message into them. Not sure if it stay's like this I may have to stop posting because of it. For now, I have to write it somewhere else and then copy it.  It takes three times longer and not really worth it. You might write them as well and if enough do they might fix it.


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    I would say it is normal. My

    I would say it is normal. My husband kept biting on his tongue after surgery too. In fact, he bit it so hard about 10 days after surgery that it would not stop bleeding and he had to back in for emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. It was a nightmare. But you aren't doing that, right? :)

    His tongue is fine now. I think he would say that it isn't 100% like it was before, but he isn't biting it or talking strangely or having trouble moving it or eating or anything. So time heals all wounds, so to speak. Hang in there, Tonita.

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    Early days...

    Hi Tonita,

    I think it's still early days and you must still have a lot of swelling and bruising to your tongue which will hopefully improve the overall shape and movement as it gets better.

    I remember when I had surgery to remove a dysplactic lesion in 2013 I kept biting down on the side for some months after... It took around 4 months to the tongue to completely heal and it wasn't until it was completely better that I stopped biting on it.

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    I'm not biting it

    I'm not biting it accidentally, it just seems compulsive at this point.  There is a blob of skin now on top of my tongue to the right and that causes a ridge and that's what the problem is I think.  It also feels grainy and sort of "mushy" for a tongue.  The tip of my tongue now veers toward the right now.  I'm not liking it.

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    I had a tongue biopsy and

    I had a tongue biopsy and also the gum flap which makes my mouth feel as if it's stuffed with hundreds of wet cotton balls.  The biopsy was on same side as the new flap, and though it's been five weeks yesterday since surgery, I still bite the damn tongue because all of my left side is numb.  Bit hard enough to cause bleeding. Same when left lower flip. No sensation in it and since it's all

    lopaided and twirled in, lots of involuntary bites.  Not the same as you, but gosh, I know the frustration of getting used to this new bunch of stuff in your mouth.  Maybe it's swelling from surgery and in time, will go down.  

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    Food tastes better

    for some reason on the side of my tongue that was operated on. Strange!

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    Nerve damage

    I had that for awhile, too.  I think it's due to all the nerve damage from radiation.  I really only chew on one side of my mouth now (the uninvolved side).  I think the sucking is due to heavy secretions initially (at least in my case) and then poor saliva control after. I'm one year out now and things have improved somewhat but still minor misalignment.  It'll get better in time...maybe not perfect but better for sure.