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Hello Dear Fighters and Survivors......

I began on this board 10 years ago when colon cancer came into my life. 32 years old - two little kids and I didnt really even know what a colon did! Anyway, this board became a lifeline for me for answers and connectiing with people who I could relate to and get inspiration from. Well , unfortuantly colon cancer popped back into my life two months ago. This time I am needing less answers from the boards , but still want to offer my support and share my journey for anyone who might relate. 

I wanted to post my blog (so 2016 I know) in case any freinds on this board want to follow my journey or see how things are playing out. I belive we need to support each other with postive stories and encouragment. The blog started as a way to update my family and friends, but I thought some of my fellow colon cancer fighters might relate to it as well. 


Hope today is good for all of you !




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    Had to go re-read what the

    Had to go re-read what the colon does.  8 1/2 years later and I feel like my vehicle may stop working because I got rust in my muffler. Oh well, I look forward to your take on things, and the positivity...................................Dave