One of those moments


a good moment that is. You know sometimes when something happens and you feel it was not just a coincidence? Well, that happened last Saturday when I went to book the cruise my husband and I had to cancel last summer so he could be treated for stage 4 nasopharyngeal cancer. Luckily we had purchased insurance on the trip so we did the treatment and all I had to do was re-book it. So here is the good part - when I called to rebook, the agent on the phone asked if we were celebrating anything special. (hell, yes!) I explained about the cancer and NED and then she told me she was a head & neck cancer survivor for the last 8 years! BAM! All of the doubts and worries I had about booking this trip and somehow "jinxing" our upcoming scan faded away. I figure my husband and I can fit a lot of traveling in for the next 8 years. So thank you to all you long time survivors out there - you give me lots of optimism.



  • swopoe
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    That is wonderful! Have the

    That is wonderful! Have the best time on your cruise. You guys deserve it!

  • Noellesmom
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    God moments

    That's what we call them.

    Have a wonderful, refreshing trip!

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    God knows

    God knows just when you need a moment like that! I hope you have such a  wonderful time that you forget all about cancer.

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    Wonderful news Barbara.

    It is always good to hear good news and when someone tells you they "Were" a H&N cancer survivor for 8 years take it as a sign. Life is good.............


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    Enjoy your trip to wherever you love birds are headed, if you plan anything in or around Honduras I might stop in and see you both.

    PS: I am still traveling and a lot of times all by myself which is kind of scary because if I have a problem I will not be able to ask for help unless I can write it down on something. But that does not stop me, I love traveling, going places, and see different things.  



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    Not a Coincidence

    We call them mini miracles in our house.  Just too many to list over the years.  I firmly believe in you get back what you put out.  It has proven so true over and over again.

    Yea for you!