Cancer and vision loss

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 I was recently determined to have with colorectal cancer. I even have abnormalities in vision. I went for an eye check yesterday and the specialist prompted me to take the Lasik eye surgery procedure from any nearby facility in Toronto like the Goldberg centre( ). But I don't know whether Lasik is safe at this condition. Will there be any kind of difficulties or complications in the event that I take this surgery?


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    I had Lasik long before I got

    I had Lasik long before I got crc, so I don't know all the angles of this, but it's an extremely safe, sterile procedure, with few complications. I had it twice, an ajustment treatment a year after the first surgery. The advantages have been obvious to me, no contacts and the care of them, which I always pushed my luck with wearing them until they irritated me. Long term irritation leads to vascular ingrowth which eventually obstructs vision. Your recuperation is a day or two, just don't rub or touch your eyes. I can't imagine what conection would exist between crc and your eyes, I'd ask your oncologist, then get it done, it's been great for me...................................Dave

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    Operations and chemo

    Operations and chemo

    If you're on chemo now, or recently (or recent radiation), no surgery would generally be advised. Check with your physicians first.

    You should be aware that chemical therapy can change eyesight temporarily since it can affect nerves and muscles throughout the entire body (eyes included). While it's not as common as other neurological problems, some individuals can experience the problems in ways others do not.

    Once your eye's lens is removed and replaced with a plastic non-moveable device, your vision will be forever restricted to that device.

    Anything wrong with wearing glasses? Even if you're missing ears, you can duct tape them to your forehead.....

    Just sayin'

    Best of health to you!


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    I second what John told you

    I second what John told you as I've heard of other patients on chemo experiencing vision problems - but they're usually temporary.  Here's a list of what someone on chemo/radiation may experience with their vision:

    Symptoms of eye or vision problems that cancer patients may experience include:

    • Blurry or cloudy vision
    • Watery or dry eyes
    • Severe eye pain
    • Sensitivity to light
    • Trouble seeing in the dark and at nighttime
    • Redness
    • Discharge
    • Distorted eyelids