Wife wants to stop chemotherapy

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My wife has been on chemotherapy since early December. She wants to stop. He oncologist was very pleased with her last CT scan which demonstrated no growth of tumors. This, however, is not enough for my wife to want to stop tx. It makes her feel so sick, every two weeks of feeling like she is going to die to only have perhaps 3-4 days that are comfortable. The side effects are so painful for her-I support her with any decision she wants to make. She wants to try to live the rest of her life with any comfort that she can and be able to do things rather than be a prisoner to treatment. She was told in December that her sarcoma is so advanced that it is not curable.

I know her oncologist is rather aggressive and I aniticipate he will attempt to bargain with her. I have been in the medical profession for some time (RN) and I knew physicians that hard a very hard time stopping treatment.

I am not looking forward to our next appointment when she informs him she wants to stop.

I guess my question is, shouldn't this be her choice? It's her right to determine how long she wants to go through this torture. I know the answer (LOL) I'm just needing some support.



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    It should be her choice, David.

    If you can't get the oncologist's support, try your family doctor.  Consider calling hospice and discuss the situation with them.

    I'm sorry y'all are going through this.

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    Your wife

    I am sorry to hear about your wife.  And yes it is her choice not the doctor's.  My husband made the choice to stop all treatment after 2 rounds of radiation, chemo and surgery and then a spread.  None of his doctors tried to talk him out of it.  He was seeing two different oncologist, plus a specialist.  He was able to do what he wanted and we were able to travel some for 18 months and things didn't really get bad for him until the last month of his life.  It is a hard choice, but it is your wife's choice, not the doctor's. 

    Wishing you both peace and comfort.