mourners bill of rights

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I have the right to mourn on my own timeline. 
I have the right to discuss my grief ad nauseam. 
I have the right to hide pictures until I am ready to accept the memories.
I have the right to retail therapy.
I have the right NOT to be a model griever. 
I have the right to tell people with platitudes to take a hike.
I have the right to say no to a party.
I have the right to cry at any time or place as long as tissues are within reach.
I have to right to be able to take my anger out at telemarketers.
And, I have the right to eat ice cream for dinner!

I found the above on Yahoo from the Huffington Post.  I thought that it was apropriate to post here because death is such a feared and talked about event.  I like it because it opens up about dealing with death in a very real way.  And this is written by a survivor.  Maybe we should get together and write a Bill of Rights for those who are not going to be a survivor.

love, swami rakendra


  • Will Doran
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    Very Good.


    That is great and right on.  It makes this all real.  The one about Tell people to "Take a Hike" (may times that applies to family members who are out of touch with reality of our situation), The "right to cry" -that one is very important, and "Take Anger my out on Tellamarketers"  is perfect.


    Peace and God Bless


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    For the Trauma Survivors

    In the Pandora’s Project they have a Bill of Rights for the trauma survivors to which I compare our PCa struggle. We go down at diagnosis and then we go up at treatment, we constantly survive the trauma of the periodical PSA results. We have the right for the bill as survivors.

    Among the many in the Bill I like the ones that say……“You have the right………..

    to gather information to make intelligent decisions about your recovery.
    to seek help from a variety of sources, unhindered by demands for exclusivity.
    to be afraid and to avoid what frightens you.