Chemo #6 Completed

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I have just completed 6 treatments of Carboplatin and Taxolplatin and have had only a slight reduction in the nodules in my lungs.  The doctor wants to try two more rounds.  One oncologist wants me to stop after that and the other more experienced oncologist thinks I could go on trying to get rid of the nodules.  Has anyone taken these two drugs for a long time?  If so, did the tumors disappear with long term use?




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    I had about 14 rounds of

    I had about 14 rounds of Taxol/Carbo that worked well and kept my CA 125 low 6-10. Including 2 periods of NED.  Had to stop because of very low blood counts and then reaction to the Carbo.  Although it was certainly no fun, I did get good results for quite a good time.  Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann