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Hi, I think TeddyandBears_Mom started out doing weekly chemos but switched to every 3 week schedule?  I was wondering if smaller, but more frequent doses would keep my blood counts esp. platelets up better?  I think I read where she said the weekly was worse than every 3 weeks.  Also, if I mention this to my doctor and he approves, how much time did each treament take as compared to the 3 week regiment.  I spend 5 hours just getting chemo on the 3 week one, with adding at least another hour to see the nurse before.  I would have to switch to a local center to do this, but I need to get through chemo 5 & 6 yet.  Thankfully my whining do some good today, and they're going to let me have my 4th chemo on Monday, 4 days late, but my platelets aren't building back up.  I figure this might have to be my last unless I can do something to help them.  Hugs Nancy


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    Hi Nancy, You are right...

    Hi Nancy, You are right... I'm the one that started out with weekly chemo. I did the first two full rounds that way. So, six weekly treatments.

    After the 6th one, my bloodcount dropped so I had Neulasta with my 3rd round of chemo (my first full session).  And, I never had it again! I opted to stay home in between treatments to avoid germs.

    The reason I switched was to have some better days in between treatments. I found it difficult as time went on to have any energy and could not see myself laying around every day for 3 more months.  Since you will only have two more rounds after Monday, you may find it beneficial to switch. Just not sure it will help your blood count though.  I will say, weekly was a lot less painful than the larger doses. But, for me it was worth the extra pain to have a lot more up time.

    Going from memory... I believe the weekly took me about 3 hours.  My every 3 weeks took me 5.5 hours.  This is the actual transfusion times - not the wait to see the doctor time. :-)

    I hope your body finds the strength to build up and get you through this process. It seems like there are still some alternatives for you - like a blood transfusion or??? before you have to stop the treatments. By the way - I also went to a local treatment center for chemo and my gyn/onc was at a larger place. They worked together and it was a lot easier to go locally. I chose to do my radiation at the larger place though.

    Good luck on Monday and I'm sending positive energy your way for answers from the doctor and a smooth post treatment time for you!

    Love and Hugs,