Pelvic Radiation Disease


Another below the belt cancer survivors I met through the worldwide web did a lot of research as a result of her treatment and found a lot of information about pelvic radiation disease.  I thought I would share the website with you all:


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    Well, that's interesting

    My husband had prostate cancer and had radiation treatment (no surgery) a little over a year ago.  The radiation was targeted at his prostate, not his entire abdomen, and while I'm sure they were careful, I believe his bladder and bowels were hit to some extent.  He has many of the symptoms listed on that site.

    I'm glad to see this is recognized for gyn cancers.   Can't imagine they've just recognized it in 2014. 


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    Radiation or chemo for that matter

    Thank you for posting this, I so desperately wanted to draw attention to  all  those side effects that I witnessed  patients suffering from over the years but so didn't want to give doubt or discourage anyone from their chosen treatment.

    These are included in my" other reasons" that I mentioned but didn't explain.

     Sometimes the cure is not worth the  immediate and long term effects. as that lady said " I cured cancer for what" ,so much sadness and anger and despair to even voice that.WOW.

    Chemo and Radiation are very harsh drugs to the organs of the body, be in the know. do lots of home work,please.

    This posting came right on time for my cautious defence of my choice.  If the cure can be worse than the disease , I am tempted to work with the disease with limited intervention.

    These countries spent too much money on equiptments,machines, Doctors, technicians  and researchers to  now cast doubt and fears on their treatments by exposing  life shattering side effects,

    Doctors are never going to concede. its big money business now, there will be no turning back. not to mention the despair that that will trigger in us. We will still keep hope alive for improvements on current treatments or discovery of better.

    To anyone currently undergoing treatment,be proactive by discussing any new feelings , pain or discomfort in your abdomen or chest , the symptoms will alert the doctor to which organs crying out. There is no damage without signs or symptoms voice it ,loudly if you must, so that doseges can be adjusted or procedures postponed or cancelled.  Doctors and hospitals are running a business ,you are the only one crying for you, don't be a lamb to the slaughter, use your words loud and clear. nuff said.


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    Radiation induced Lumbar Plexopathy..

    I have been asked to add this post from my blog on this site...

    In 2001 I was diagnosed with Uterine cancer. Treatment was a Radical Hysterectomy followed by 28 radiation sessions. Immediatly after treatment my left leg began to swell with Lymphoedema, which can be a side effect of the nodes being removed during surgery and the follow up radiation. I have written a previous blog about this called My Lymph Node Transplant which tells you all about Lymphoedema and the surgical treatment I chose to have.

    Since my original surgery my cancer has not returned and over the years the Lymphoedema has improved, especially since the Lymph Node Transfer. However in 2010 I started to notice some pins and needles or Periphery Neuropathy in my feet. I put this down to the Lymphoedema and maybe the compression stockings. By 2012 this had got a little worse but tests at the doctors showed nothing untoward was happening. In 2013 I started to notice that it was difficult to go up steps and I had quite a few falls due to drop foot, i would trip over nothing!! At the end of 2013 I had my first appointment with a neurologist and so began a merry go round of tests and doctors for the next year. I was seen my an immunologist as well as the neurologist, I also went to a functional medicine doctor, I had all my mercury fillings taken out, had vitamins, change of diet, CT scans, MRIs, a biopsy, many many blood tests and various neurological conduction tests etc etc. However through all of this my legs became weaker and weaker. First I used one walking stick and then two, it was a real struggle. My legs were feeling like they did not belong to me anymore.

    Eventually my Neurologist diagnosed me with Radiation Induced Lumbar Plexopathy. He told me that there was no treatment and that it would probably get worse!!!  It is a very rare complication of radiation treatment to my pelvis. It can appear from 1-36 years after treatment. It only occures to  0.16% in 1000 patients. Basically the Lumbar Plexus is a group of nerves that go from the spine through the pelvis and send messages from the brain to the legs. Radiation causes these nerves and tiny blood vessels to be damaged and over time they stop working. Women who have had Breast Cancer treatment can get damage to the Bracheal Plexus, their arms become weak and gradually paralysed.

    These are links to Lumbar Plexopathy and Brachial Plexopathy

    Just before Christmas 2014 I entered a rehabilitation hospital for intensive neurological physiotherapy, my only hope of regaining some strength in my legs. I was there for three months. When I arrived I could just walk using a walking frame but quite quickly I lost even this ability. One day my legs just stopped working totally…. I was paralysed, so began my Life in a Wheelchair. This blog is to tell my story, how I progress, what I learn and how I adapt to my new life. It helps me to write and I hope that it my also help someone else who has this rare diagnosis….. Radiation Induced Lumbar Plexopathy.. A late stage side effect of cancer treatment.

     Feel free to share with others. This is a link to my blog with alot more information on RILP 

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    Dr Stubblefield Article

    Just wanted to share this article from Dr Stubblefield about the effects of Radiation therapy on the body.. He specializes in Late stage side effects if cancer treatment

    He writes in a way we can all understand .. Helen