Hey Folks just checking in !!!!

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Good evening Semi's

Just checking in today and i was going over alot of my old posts and was thiking of all the friends that i have made over the years.

I miss all that were called home God bless them. For all who are in the fight may God bless you.

It hasn't been easy, i have had a reoccurence in 2009, many surgeries for hernias, Heart faiulure but one thing i have always done is kept my faith. God is not done with me yet.

God has giving us the will to fight. So please have faith in the Big Guy, keep positive and never, ever give up!!!!

All the best



  • ron50
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    Good to see you Bruce

     Sounds like you have been doing it tough but i have no doubt you will get thru it all,best wishes ron.

  • Trubrit
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    Impressive dates

    Surviving isn't for sissys, and you've had your plate full of problems, yet here you are giving us hope for the future. 

    So glad you popped in to say hello.

    Sue - Trubrit

  • PhillieG
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    Hey Bruce

    Nice to hear from you.