Ct scan found 12mm noncalcified mass in left lower lobe non smoker. so alone

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Visualized lung bases: No acute infiltrates. 12 mm noncalcified
nodule in the posterior basal segment left lower lobe


Went in with gallbladder pain and came out with this and a spot on my kidny as well


1.6 cm hypodensity posterior cortex
left kidney cannot be further characterized.


My husband says its not a big deal and seems not to really care.  I feel so alone with this. doctor says they will follow it with a ct scan on 3 to 12 months.  REALLY  is this the way it goes hurry up and wait . I cant take the wait!!


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    Lung nodules

    Hello Hatfield,

    I am sorry you are having to go through this alone.  I am seeking answers as well - i can tell you that 12mm is a nodule (anything over 3cm or 30mm is a mass) I would be proactive - anything over 8mm should be followed with CT scans at 3,9,& 24 months with possible PET scan and or biopsy .  What have your doctors told you is the next step?

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    When my cancer was diagnosed

    When my cancer was diagnosed there was a suspicious spot on my liver which later proved to be a cyst.  As difficult as the wait is that is all you can do.  95% of nodules resolve themselves and that is my hope for you.  Nodules can be caused by fumes, allergens and illness. 

    In the meantime think of this as a warning shot and put your affairs in order so that is not a problem for your family.  Contact the social worker at your hospital and find out if there is a group you can join.  Your husband maybe in denial because this is one thing he can't protect you from and he can't cope with that.  Do tell him that you are honestly afraid and that he needs to stop trivializing your feelings. 

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    Hello, Biopsy for same is this week

    I know how you feel. I am having a biopsy next week. I have been having issues with pain in my left shoulder radiating down my arm for a year as well as severe fatigue. I went from a hyper woman raising five children, working full time and writing part time to having issues from boiling hot, the feeling like I was choking on my food, sudden Anemia, and from my eye to my foot on my left side feeling like an electrical storm taking place. The Dr's did  scans when I found myself in the ER about four times. Nothing there, even when I couldn't move my left shoulder. They called it a frozen shoulder. I've been dizzy as well. I noticed swelling from under my arm to the chest area as well as felt it about four months ago. Again, noone could figure it out. In December I felt like I was having a heart attack and was rushed to the ER. A cat scan saw a 2.7 x1.4 CM entity in the Anteromedial left upper lobe . One Dr came in and said You have a mass on your upper chest wall. I swear it was like a professional hit! Another Dr pulmonol and said we would try another round of antibiotics, anti inflammatory medication, send me to a pulmonologist and see if it was plsurisy! Be also told me he could be wrong. I went to pulmonologist who sent me for a pet scan which showed mild metabolic activity and no reduction from medications. Its been a step by step, nerve wracking experience with the biopsy this Monday at the hospital. I still have the swelling. I am concerned because there was nothing on previous scans and now this. I also have the first Dr's voice in my head as he said perhaps it was caught in time with the other Dr trying antibiotics! All I know is whatever it is,  it has really inteferred with my life. Last night I head pain all over my body and couldn't sleep at all.  Its funny I liked it better when I thought I was going crazy!  I understand how you feel when you say you feel alone.  All my kids know is that I am slacking in a big way! When you need the street goth the most to orchestrate all of this you just do not have it! I have not been diagnosed with cancer but I hope they find what's causing all of this. I understand how you feel! Hang in there and let me know how you are doing!

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    Your post

    hi, my name is Kim, I live in Massachusetts. I just finished treatment chemo/radiation four months ago. I'm writing because of what you said about your husband not seeming to care. I've been with my wife thru this whole process (over a year now) and have more often then not felt exactly the same way. I look for affection, understanding and maybe a sign of love but rarely find it. I know that being a "caregiver" is hard for anyone but I went they ALL of my treatments, chemo/radiation alone. Never once did she accompany me, want to meet my Drs. nothing so really all she did was deal with me from the time she returned home from work till I dragged myself into my bed. It made and makes it still hard, now just dealing with the post side effects that I've had which for me have been really tough. I've lost over forty pounds so I weigh 83 pounds now so anything I try to do is exhausting, but I still on good days try     


    anyway, wasn't planning on using this Hello as a place or time to bemoan my fate just more to share that whatever your experiencing what ever his reasons are, fear, denial, etc., that it doesn't really help YOU when your feeling frightened and alone. If you want to "talk" I would be glad to try and offer a friendly hand to you. My personal email is Kim L 1955 @ yahoo, but without the capitols, and spaces.  I just did that so you could see the difference between the L and the number 1. So it's really [email protected]


    feel free to contact me if you think I could be offer something to you you might need




    kim Lawrence 

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    Hatfield - Did you have a biopsy?


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    I have several nodules the

    I have several nodules the one I had removed was a non calcified and it was a ground glass appearance they have been monitoring it for 4 years and when it turned from a nodule to a mass they scheduled me right away for a lobectomy.  I am very lucky it was stage 1 Adocarcinoma  and I need no other treatment.  So if you are concerned I would consult with a pulmonary specialist,  we know our bodies . I wish you the best of luck