How could someone be so evil?

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Did any of you see this??  A Michigan oncologist diagnosed people who DIDN'T have cancer with a cancer diagnosis so he could make money from chemotherapy and radiation.  Some of the people who had the chemo with no cancer died while others were left with permanent damage.  He also convinced others who were on hospice to have more chemo knowing there was nothing else that could be done.

There is true evil in this world and the personification of this is Dr. Farid Fata.  They got him on fraud and money laundrying charges but he was never charged with murder.

I know some of the ladies on here have questioned their doctor or other doctors' motives in their treatment recommendations and, after reading this, maybe rightly so?  Money is a powerful motivator!

What an eye-opener!




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    Yes, I saw it, too.  It was on TV here in upstate NY sometime last year (probably last fall, I'd guess).  Shameful!

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    I agree

    I could barely watch.

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    I always recommend to people

    I always recommend to people that they get second (or more) opinions before starting treatment such as any type of surgery, radiation, or drug therapy.  While there is a small percentage of truly evil people in the world, and the profit motive cannot be denied, sometimes treatment recommendations can also be based on inexperience, mistakes, or other reasons.  


    About 5 years ago, I had a routine mammogram, and the findings caused the radiologist to suggest the need for biopsies in both breasts.  A consult with a local surgeon, whom I had known for approximately 10 years, agreed.  Before undergoing the biopsies, however, I went for a second opinion with a top breast surgeon in a city about an hour from home, to have her review the films and examine me.  She did not think a biopsy was warranted in either breast, and the radiologist there agreed with the breast surgeon's conclusion.  I was followed for several years by the city breast surgeon, and all my mammograms since then have been normal.  I never got the feeling that the recommendation for biopsies was based on financial gain, but had a sense that it might have been due to less experience with benign variations in mammographic findings.


    I am amazed that some people will often get more professional opinions about remodeling a bathroom than they will before undergoing major surgery or other invasive treatments.