Thank you Look Good Feel Better program by Am Cancer Society


I got to participate in the Look Good Feel Better program last Wednesday evening.  The program was put on by volunteers from a beauty salon and even nurses at a local cancer care center.  We received a makeup kit that was fabulous, filled with everything from moisturizers, night eye cream (Estee Lauder) , to concealers, makeup, powder and lots of stuff for eyes.  While I don't wear much (or any) makeup, it was fun for me to try on a new face.  I even had one of the volunteers completely put my makeup on me, really pampering.  We learned how to take care of our (free) wig that the American Cancer Society also gave, and lots of ways to tie scarves.  Even learned how to use the body of a medium size t-shirt to fashion a comfortable and fairly attractive head covering for casual or around the home.  I was blown away with the generosity of the program, and had a lot of fun with everyone.  I urge anyone that has been recently diagnosed to check out the program, hopefully there is one close to you.  Hugs Nancy


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    the look good feel better

    the look good feel better program is really great.

    my mom did one awhile back.  my sister and i went with her.

    it was really a beautiful day, being with such women. also, very uplifting

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    That t-shirt trick was worth

    That t-shirt trick was worth the time if nothing else had been talked about.  I bought a couple of dirt-cheap fancy t-shirts and have been wearing them ever since.  I may have worn them more than the pre-tied scarves I bought.  And there were a couple of products I got in my cosmetic bag that I have continued to buy because I liked them so much.