pheochromocytoma and adrenal cancer

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hi everyone

my question is about inherited risk,my mother had this in 2000 she passed away very young at 44,.i am 35 now.

also is adrenal cancer anything to do with thyroid conditons?

she had congential hypothyroidism,i was diagnosed 2 years ago with it.

i am complicated in all his by being adopoted and having no rights to her medical information,.i only know this as i met her shortly before she passed and her nurse gave me the name of her illness and i ordered her death cert.I am in ireland much less access to preventative care medicine.

is there anything i can do to prevent it,should i get a ct scan yearly etc ?

does it mean she had von hipple disease?as i read thats genetic.

i hope my post doesnt offend or upset anyone i do not mean it to be like that at all.




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    If your birth mother had

    If your birth mother had pheochromocytoma, this does not mean she or you have VHL.  However, this is important information you should share with your doctor who can decide if you should have increased surveillance or even genetic counselling.  Pheo is a rare tumor and one of the questions doctors always ask/wonder is if there is a genetic contribution.  There are other genetically inherited mutations that have increased risk for both pheo and thyroid cancer, but not pheo and hypothyroidism that I know of.  Hypothyroidism is a very common condition and you both may have it just by chance.  It sounds like you're very worried and need answers (understandably).  The best person to address these is someone who knows your health history entirely like your doctor. Good luck and try not to worry about something that is very unlikely to happen to you.  :)