Almost finished with 6th chemo treatment, mixed results


Hello everyone! In a nutshell, my sister (46 years old) was diagnosed with Stage 1A grade 2 uternine cancer. Had the total hysterectomy, followed by around 3 internal radiation treatments as a precaution only. no nodes were involved or and wash was negative. 4 months later horrible pains brought her to ER and a CTscan showed around 7 tumors throughout her pelvis and abdomen. No organs involved. chemo didnt start for 6 weeks.....after her 3rd treatment they did a CT scan to show progress. some had shrunk but 2 new tumors found in liver. They thought MAYBE it couldve spread there before the chemo started...which it pisses me off that there was 6 weeks waiting period before the chemo started! Anyhow, he wanted another scan after 2 more treatments. So she just had that done and results were given today. No new tumors, some had shrunk , a couple had grown and some had stayed the same. The 2 in the liver, one had shrunk a little and one had grown a all in all, no new tumors, but mixed results on the others ....her regular dr was not there today, it was a sub, she is going for her 6th chemo on monday and then seeing her reg dr a few weeks after that. The dr today said she will probably get more chemo. Does anyone know if the additional treatments can continue to shrink them? i asked him about megace since I had read a lot about that lately on this site and he said thats mostly for ovarian cancer, so idk....i also asked about debulking and he said that is usually when its in one area. I didnt know if thats true or not. Has anyone had mixed results like this after almost all the 6 treatments and will it continue to work if she has more than the 6? She's been getting them every 3 weeks. she is doign pretty well wtih chemo (carbo/taxol)...she is usually sick for about a week and then does great for a couple weeks following. thanks for any input or advice!!!


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    Sorry to hear what your

    Sorry to hear what your sister is going through.  I was 45 when diagnosed with Stage 3a Grade 2 endometrial adenocarcinoma.   However, I did take the preventative chemo at the time and the 3 brachytherapy radiations.  They treated mine as if it were ovarian cancer.     What type of urterine cancer does your sister have?   There are several types.