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I was diagnosed with Stage 2-3 rectal cancer in May of 2013. Radiation, chemo, surgery with permanent colostomy and more chemo. Over 2 years of NED and just had clear blood work and CT. Will have colonoscopy later. I'm hoping to get on a blood work every 6 months, CT once a year and colonoscopy once every 2 years. Will discuss this with my oncologist in January. Do you guys think this is realistic?



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    sounds good

    Congratulations on the reports!  Over two years NED is a great accomplishment.  I would think increasing the intervals between scans and blood work is in order as long as you are comfortable with it.  Traci

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    Hi Laz, As you know I'm a few

    Hi Laz, As you know I'm a few months ahead with the exact same circumstances and that's what my doctor has me doing now.  My doctor even said colonoscopy every 3 years to which I said no. That's pushing the envelope a little too far for my comfort.

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    My wife

    is going on three years NED.  She has blood work every 3 months/CT yearly and up until now a flex sig every six months.  But, those have been clear.  So............ she will have a full colonoscopy done in I think six months and WHEN that comes back clear, it will be colonoscopies every 3 years.  Our oncologist wouldn't back off of blood work every three months or seeing him every three months nor would the surgeon back off flex sigs either.  We asked. 

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    Your regimen sounds good but I think if your first colonoscopy is clean every 3 years would be fine.