Update on DLBCL

Hey, All! My dad just finished a round of R-CHOP with hopes that he would be in remission. Unfortunately, yesterday's scan revealed that he's not. Once they've verified that the cancer is back/still here, the plan is fro R-ICE + ASCT.


Does anyone have any successful experience with this? We are heartbroken.




  • lindary
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    On the same path

    Yep. Sounds like my story. I had 6 cycles of R-Chop but it didn't quite get it all. So I then did 3 cycles of RICE. Plan was to use my stem cells and start the process mid-November. That changed when the bone marrow biopsy showed some Myelodysplastic syndrome cells. So they can't use my stem cells. Now I am going to be re-scheduled for the SCT next year after a few more tests and they find a stem cell donor. 

    So for now I am back to working full time and in the office. I keep focused on those that have survived decades after a SCT. I plan on being one of them.



  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    Yes !


    I'm deeply sorry your dad's first-line therapy did not work.

    There are many, many successful SCT stories here.  I pray that he become yet another. In the mean time, numerous current writers like Linda know the particulars of prepping for the proceedure. I'm sure you will have lots of specific information available to help you and your dad get through what is pending for him.