Metastasis into lung area


I have a friend that also has uterine carcinoma we both live in the same town and it was just by chance my husband mentioned to her husband (they belong to the same club) what I had found out about my cancer and what treatment I was going to have to go through.  So I called her and we talked about the two different drug treatments etc. stuff.  Come to find out her cancer has traveled to her lungs and the doctor she was going to said there was no more help for her ???   I can't imagine a doctor taking that attitude without looking into more options.  I know I have read about women when the cancer appeared in the lungs out here and they received treatment.   But now that I want to show her these cases or articles I can't find them.  Can any of you who have redevelopment cancer in the lung area tell me here of your cases so I can pass this on to her.   Right now she is going to Houston Texas the MDAnderson hospital to get another opinion.  I found out there are 3 women (including myself) in the town we live that have uterine carcinoma. Weird hey being we have such a rare cancer. 



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    There's information here, giggs!

    Just select the uterine board and then type in the word lung in search by word at the top of the page and many threads will pop up that mention lung nodules. I hope this helps.


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    Thank you very much and I will look into that.