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hi everyone,


i pi am a nearly three year survivor. When I was diagnosed, I went through genetic testing due to the fact that my maternal father had prostate cancer and maternal aunt had ovarian cancer.  I tested negative for the Brca 1 and 2 genes. Now my sister has also been diagnosed with BC. Does anyone know if they've identified any new genes for BC? I don't see the need for her to be tested for the BRCA genes since I was negative.

any info you can pass on would be greatly appreciated. 




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    Mom new at this,since 10


    Mom new at this,since 10 minutes ago so please bare with me. I am a 5 year survivor & also went through the Brach 1 & 2 testing. I also tested negative with my Dad gone from lung cancer, my Grannie, 6 of Dads brothers, his Dad, and many more on my Moms side. So....I was informed that siblings might not result the same negative with Bracha testing, but id for sure get her to ask her oncologist. I was tested at ETSU by students who are learning all the new stuff so that might make a difference? Take care!


    God Bless!  ☺️

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    More breast cancer genes to test

    Hi. When I was diagnosed this year I had a panel of 21 breast/ovarian genes tested. I was negative for the BRCA genes but positive for the ATM gene mutation which has up to a 50% chance of getting breast cancer according to my geneticist. There are definitely more gene mutations associated with breast cancer than just the BRCA genes. Lots of them are just not as known and not much is known about them. Ask the person who did your genetic testing about other gene mutations that are known to cause breast cancer. the ATM mutation malso is associated with colon cancer so I got a colonoscopy as well and had a few polyps-one was the kind that can turn into cancer (I am only 40 so if I would have waited until the normal time to start those I probably wouldn't have had a good outcome). Hope that helps. 

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