Freaking out!!

My husband went for his first post treatment pet scan and we are scheduled to meet with our ENT on Friday to discuss the results. This afternoon, his oncologist called to tell my husband that he has seen the pet scan and the BOT in the tongue looks very, very good...small spot there but it may be inactive/dead and that the ENT would tell us his take on that. HOWEVER, the oncologist sees something in/on the prostate and wants my husband to see a urologist because I'm guessing he thinks it's cancer. The first pet scan done back in July before we started treatment for the BOT showed nothing in the prostate. I was under the understanding that prostate cancer is a slow growing, non-aggressive type of cancer, so how could there be nothing there in July and now there is?? Could this have anything to do with the treatments he had? Could it be a false read from the treatments, etc? My mind is racing and rushing to all kinds of conclusions so I'm hoping someone who may be more knowledgable will have some input. i'm sure the ENT will tell us what the pet scan says but the fact that the oncologist called before our appt in about 2 weeks makes me think this may be serious. husband says his cardiologist tests his psa and I'm guessing it's always been acceptable.


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    Not cancer until they say it is

    See the urologist but try not to get too worked up.

    I know this is scary.  Seems we all go through this kind of scare at least once.


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    Not cancer until they say it is

    See the urologist but try not to get too worked up.

    I know this is scary.  Seems we all go through this kind of scare at least once.



    I am going to try and just stay calm until we see the ENT on Friday and see what he says and take it from there. I will call the urologist and set up an appt and take it one step at a time. He just went through so much to fight this first battle that I'm not sure either of us is ready to do battle again this soon. I REALLY HATE the word cancer!!!!!

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    It might still be nothing.

    Mine has been enlarged for over five or six years. I have always also been told it is very slow and if you are older you most likely out live it. Now for the really good news. The survival rate is the best of all cancers at 99.2%

    So remember it's not cancer untill they say it is. It could just be a false hot spot.


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    One step at a time

    first get through the appointment with the ENT. That was the primary problem, so see what the results/plan of action is there. Then you can turn your attention to whatever else comes up...

    Someone once wrote that "worry is interest paid on a problem you don't own yet." Easier said than done I know - but breathe, pray, and try not to overthink and worry. It goes without saying that we all will be praying for you and your husband.


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    At least I haven't heard

    cases where the Head neck cancer spread to prostate.  Hope it's nothing.

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    PET scans pick up more....

    than cancer.  An infection and inflammation also light up...and it's not unusual for men, after a certain age, to have something happening in the prostrate that isn't cancer.

    So take a deep breath, count to 50....and remember that it ain't cancer till somebody says it is.