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Hi all,

Two weeks ago my father(62) went into the ER with back pain. When looking for the cause they discovered non-small cell adenocarcinoma in his lung. It has also spread to has lymphnodes, adrenal gland, kidneys, liver, stomach, bones, and they just found a 1cm legion in his brain. I am looking for a realistic treatment option that could help him. If not cure him, I would at least be able to make his life enjoyable for as long as possible. Prior to going to the hospital he was up and running everyday and has been a police officer for 34 years. He is in great shape otherwise and I'd love to help him in anyway that I can.


Thank you to anyone who can help


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    General health is good thing.

    Much will depend on the results of the mutation testing.  Going into treatment in general good health is considered a good indicator of how they will handle treatment and recovery.  So that is a great thing working for him.  The mutation testing will help determine if he gets a standard chemo, targeted therapy or immunotherapy. 

    Right now the most important thing is taking care if that brain mets.  Since it is just one they may consider gamma knife.  With the amount of tumor spread they most likely will recommend whole brain radiation.  Gamma knife is the better option.  If you are near a National Cancer Institute related / designated Comprehensive Cancer Care Center I recommend you have him seen there.  They will have the access to more cutting edge technology and treatment. 

    Editing to add this link to the list of Cancer Centers in you region:

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    Choose a healthy diet with a

    Choose a healthy diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Food sources of vitamins and nutrients are best. If he doesn't exercise regularly, start out slowly.

    I and my husband will pray for your dad. Keep us updated. 

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    We know what you are going through

    In Sept. my husband was driving his truck hauling sand.  And by the middle of Sept. he had vertigo so bad he could not keep anything on his stomach and could not stand to ride in a vehicle except with his eyes closed.  Started seeing doctors.  Two weeks into appointments.  A small legion on left side of brain and a LARGE one with swelling so bad in the cerebullum that the brain stem was curved.  Put him right in hospital to start steriods to reduce swelling.  Of course the main cancer also nsc adenocarcinoma was also massive in the right lungs and had spread to lymph nodes.  As one person said the brain tumor is the important thing right off the bat.  Other cancer can be dealt with later.  My husband and his doctors decided on whole brain radiation he had it during lengthy stay in the hospital.  Ten treatments. But the good news is the large tumor was gone according to latest MRI.  The smaller one still there.

    Now he is having pallative chemo treatments.  He has tolerated those fairly well.  I do have to say the side effects from radiation are much worse than we expected.  Hair loss a given short term memory, be sure and ask the doctors for as many side effects as they can give you.  My husband was also an active man and had in the last year decided he needed to lose weight to get healthier and had lost nearly 100 lbs in about 10 months just eating the right foods and watching portions. Maybe that will help your father and my husband get through this. So very sorry for your family and sending prayers your way.