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I completed 5 months of chemotherapy on 10/9 and on 11/9 I had surgery. I had a lumpectomy and bilateral breast reduction. So I have been out of surgery for a little over two weeks. I am a little surprised at the amount of fatigue I have. Some days I just dont want to do anything. I force myseld to. I do whatever I need to get done and i take a walk daily. Has snyone else experienced this? Prior to getting cancer I had excellent health and was very active. I am 58 years old and have triple negative breast cancer. I will start 16 doese of radiation in two weekd. I also feel a little depressed and down, but what the heck? After the year I have had I guess that is to be expected.


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    I cannot speak from

    I cannot speak from experience since I did not have to have chemotherapy, but just the surgery and everything your body is going through is enough to cause fatigue. Don't be down on yourself for needing time to heal. Having good health prior to this and staying active will help you in your recovery. Bless you on your road to recovery and survivorship Gcook. You're in my thoughts.

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    Me too

    I think pretty much all of us have experienced extreme fatigue. When I finished chemo (which caused me terrible insomnia), I spent about three months sleeping any chance I could get. I would fall asleep in my chair at dinner! Rest when you need to, make it a top priority. You are very right to go on walks too. Exercise helps so much, as does eating right. You will get through this, just like every other symptom and you will come out stronger. I was depressed too and I think it would be pretty hard not to be with a cancer diagnosis. If you don't shake the blues in a few days, definitely tell your doctor about it. There are so many people willing to help you on this site. Keep posting, hugs, Anna