9 Months From Surgery And A Clean Scan

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Had scan results yesterday, surgery anniversary today.  So far so good, though there is one iffy thing in lungs that seemed to be reduced in size.  Oncologist thinks it is not cancer though.  Items in liver and kidneys just look like general things, cysts and whatnot.  

So nine months NED I guess....


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    Woooo hooooo!

    Woooo hooooo!  Congratulations!  This is great news!!!!!!!!!  Happy Dance!

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    Good news

    Congrats!  Very happy for you.  May it continue for years and years.


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    I did the Jeopardy smile....

    as I read this. 

    Congratulations! AND...... Smiley others 123.GIF Mega happy dance. 

    You are allowed to post your own NED emoji too. 

    Sue - Trubrit

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    Great News!

    Congratulations! So happy for you.

    Grace (a.k.a. lizard44)




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    Congrats brother

    Wish you many many more clean scans..NED for life... :):)

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    AWESOME! NED woo hoo!
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    so happy for you!


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    How is your neuropathy? Did the inability to hold a pen come on out of the blue?  Did you see warning signs before the neuropathy got bad?

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    Good stuff, keep that feeling

    Good stuff, keep that feeling going to the one year check and beyond.

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    Great news! Keep it going!