Happy Halloween

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Someone who I recently "met" created this Halloween PSA for her neighbors



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    So true. My doctor wanted me

    So true. My doctor wanted me to get a colonoscopy a couple of years before I fnally did. But I didn't like the idea and didn't want tbe embarassed and I didn't think there was any point. Embarassed? I left the hospital without a shred of dignity this last time and was still in the pull-ups I'd been wearing because I'd progressed past the adults diapers I'd been wearing for months. I've had my derriere poked so often I can't remember how many times. I've been out in public and had my ostomy bag leak or had the odd sounds or occasionally smell. Looking back I sure wish I'd had the colonoscopy. Maybe the cancer was just a polyp at that time and could have been popped off and I'd have been fine. 

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    Very Well Done

    And I am laughing, just because living through it makes it funny.  I guess that is the correct word.