My Uncle had Oral Cancer after surgery jaw getting harder & harder day by day

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My Uncle had a Surgery of Lower Jaw cancer & it had been remade by Doctor. After two month of Surgery every thing was fine but now suddenly Lower Jaw started to get Harder & Harder day by day. (IS THIS A SIGN OF PROBLEM OR WHAT CAN ANY ONE SAY THIS TO ME)


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    By harder....what do you mean....

    harder to open his mouth?  Texture of the skin is harder?  More specifics, please.


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    Welcome to the group, and sory you need to be here. If I understand this, he was ok for the first two months and not it is harder to open his jaw and this is now about the 3rd month? Have you let the doctor know? Has he been seeing anyone for speech therapy, and if so what do they say, or why is he not seeing anyone for this? Sorry for all the questions, but we have almost nothing to go by to answer any questions. The mucles can tighten and will often do this after surgery as so much has been cye and have changed some. My best guess is he will need some therapy and have to stretch it everyday to keep it from getting worse. If he hasn't let his doctor know he should do so. You always need to have your doctor know what is happening and not just think this is normal.