Colon surgery, colostomy


Looking for info on those who have had surgery for tumor removal in colon, followed bycolostomy (no re-section) and continued with chemotherapy.


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    To have any ostomy (even a temporary one), a resection is necessary. A section of the intestine can be pulled through an incision in your abdomen, and cut in half to provide you with what is called a "loop ostomy", or the intestine can be cut in half, one end stapled shut, and the other end pulled through an incision in your abdomen to provide you with an "end ostomy". Either type can be temporary, and both types involve surgery; cutting the intestine is generally referred to as a "resection", since some part of it is lost through surgery.


    Normally, at least 20 lymph nodes are removed to check for the spread of cancer cells. If four or less nodes are with cancer, the problem is not considered severe. If more than four nodes are holding cancer, then the problem is considered severe and the staging is different.


    You should always get at least one "second opinion" from a colorectal surgeon that is not of the same group or organization as any other physician providing an opinion. You should do that prior to any treatment or surgery. Not getting the correct treatment initially could cause you irreparable harm that can last longer than cancer. No-one should ever rush into any surgery or life-changing medicine treatments.


    Although the concept of laparoscopic surgery is a great way to avoid a large scar, many surgeons prefer open surgery to be able to better examine the possible spread of cancer and to be able to remove any spread (if possible) during that surgery. With colon cancer, I personally would prefer to have open surgery.


    Although chemical and radiation treatments are often recommended after surgery (or in place of surgery), those treatments are the patients choice to make. If you do not allow fear to guide you, you can make choices based on your inner instincts; your intuition. "Trust thyself". We were all given the gift of a survival instinct, try to pay attention to it.


    Good luck with this adventure. Very sorry you have to go through it, though.


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    Hi Candace, I did the surgery

    Hi Candace, I did the surgery but my chemo was before which my oncologist at Sloan says is the "new way" of doing things in some cases based on a study in Australia.  So really she was just testing it out.  She said I might have to have more after if it didn't work but in my case, it worked.