Father diagnosed last week with Lung (primary) and Bone (secondary). Happened too fast to come to te

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Dear everyone,

I have trawled through many forums and taken the best bits from comments from people who have survived longer than expected. Got to look on the best side. My father's appetite is really good and he has put on weight, all this is before treatment begins. Any advice would be very very much appreciated.


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    So sorry no one has answered.

    So sorry no one has answered.  What kind of chemo is he having?   Keep him well hydrated, eat lots of small meals, get him up and walk a little bit every day.  

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    Keep Him Positive

    Hi there.

    I have been working to keep my dad strong as well. He does not feel well and many times, we are unable to get him to eat. But the one thing that I work hard to do is to maintain his hope and his positive outlook. It is so hard to keep myself positive some times. But here is the deal: there are SCLC survivors. And there is NO reason that your dad cannot be one of the patients who adds to the survivor's statistic. 

    How has he been holding up?