TNBC - Taxotere and Cytoxin


Hello, new to this board but not new to cancer (TNBC is my 4th cancer - 39 yrs old)

I was wondering if anyone has experienced an increased sensitivity in their teeth to hot and cold with this Chemo combination? also nerve pain in the teeth a few days following treatment?





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    Welcome to the board

    I sure had gum pain. Are you sure it's not that? You also might be clenching your teeth subconsciouly due to stress or nausea. In any case, it wouldn't hurt to see your dentist (I would avoid any major invasive cleanings right now though) Hugs, Anna

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    T/C and dental pain

    YES - I have gone through 3 rounds now of T/C, and have had pain in my teeth.  I was not sure if it was caused by the chemo or the Neulasta shot. At first I was concerned that it really was dental, but I had just been to the dentist 2 weeks before treatments.  Also, the pain was/is not constant.  I have gotten relief with Advil or Aleve.  Thanks for sharing your symptom.  It helps to know that my symptom is connected to treatment as well.