Dad just diagnosed Need help with second opinion

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My dad lives in India and he just got diagnosed with Prosate cancer. I have all his reports and trying to get a second opinion. But no doctor would provide an apponitment for  consulatation only when  patient is not in US. Are there any resources for special advice/second opinion based on complete medical reports? I am ready to pay for consultation ofcourse.


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    You need to provide a bit more information for folks to give you feedback.  Are you currently in the US or in India ?  Is your father in the US, or in India ?  WHat does his original biopsy say ?

    Medical protocols involve insurance companies, confidentiality of records, policies of your local lab or hospital, etc.  In the US, to make any progress regarding any medical activity, you will need full legal authority to handle and use your dad's medical files and tospeak on his behalf. I know nothing regarding medical policies in India.

    Also, some cases warrent second opinions more than others; if his results were very clear cut (no real ambiguities), a second opinion is usually less critical.


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    A further thought

    Max gave you good advice.

    If you are so inclined, you could give us the details of your Dad's case and we could try to advise you what questions to ask if you can find a specialist in India willing to work with you. Alternatively, we could formulate questions your Dad could ask himself in India.