Well, that sucks...

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Got a PET scan last week and got the results today. The rad onc says two of the lymph nodes lit up. Fine needle biopsy next Monday to confirm and then he suggests surgery to remove them. One year after tx and dealing with the daily bs of taste and saliva issues and now this...thought I was free and clear...guess not...dejected...


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    Yes, it sucks

    Yes, recurrence does suck.  Try to get some rest, eat something that you like, try to distract yourself.  Remember, it isn't cancer until the biopsy confirms it.  If it is the beast, you know where the battle gear is.  You know what you need to do to get through treatment.  I have gone through this many times.  Stay with us and we will help you through this.

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    good luck

    JC F,

    Sucks, yes.  Dejected, I hear you.  Whatever it is you’ve caught it early.  Let’s just hope it’s nothing more than a little cleanup.

    I am in your corner.


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    Listen to Bev....

    Wait till the biopsy....being lit up isn't necessarily anything.  Get'em out....slice and dice them....you're still a long ways off from a recurrance.  Ask Hondo....he'll tell ya the same thing.

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    Wait for the biopsy

    Lymph glands can light up with an infection. The biopsy will let you knor if you get to relax, or prepair for one more battle. At least if you do have to battle, you know what to expect and will beat it again.


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    I can imagine how you are

    I can imagine how you are feeling. let's hope the biopsy brings good news. Don't think too much about what it is or is not and what it may be. This won't change the results. i know it is easier said than done but try it. It isn't cancer until you get the results!  please keep us posted.