Arimidex during chemotherapy?

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58 years old woman - breast cancer - (after 4x AT chemo, radiotherapy, surgery - breast and lymph node removal, ER+ tumors). Today, after a year of being cancer free, she has ovary and bone metastasis, and is taking nevalbine (vinorelbine), zoledronic acid, and arimidex (anastrozole). Last time she was in the hospital to take NVB, the doctor told her to stop taking arimidex. I have no idea why, are there any interactions between ari and nvb? She is responding to the treatment well, and is in good overall condition.

I am asking, because cancer treatment conditions in Poland are horrible, and I don't trust medical personnel here. It turned out that they ignored the meta-tumors that were visible on tomography for like 5 months before restarting the treatment, and they totally don't care about the patients. Thanks for any attempts to help.


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    bumping up

    bumping up

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    I would suggest you also try

    I would suggest you also try It's a terrific website that many from CSN use as well. 

    Here is a link to the Chemotherapy section:

    Here is a link to the Hormonal Therapies section:


    You have to create an account there to post anything.

    I wish you and the person with cancer the best.

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    Arimidexs a bone leach.

    Arimidexs is a bone leach.

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    Hi, my name is Norma, and my

    Hi, my name is Norma, and my mom have breast cancer with met in the spinal cord and pelvis. I hope you feel better about your condition. I just read your discussion on the board and i like if you want to know about your treatment and experience so I can help my mom. they only gave her one chemo because she is so weak and the gave her the chemo pills and she don't want to take the pills. Is like she gave up without triying.  And I'm desperate.  hope the best for you. Thanks