Bone pain after ending radiation

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My last radiation was a week ago today. I have been having achy bone pain in my legs and my back and neck.  Should I be concerned or is it possibly from all the treatments .. I'm still on herceptin and tomixifen too.  But its hard to know what's normal right now after chemo and radiation .  I had bone pain during aggressive chemo treatments but for awhile now.  I just worry that cancer spread but I'm not done with all treatments yet.  would appreciate any advice.  Thanks 



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    Achy Breaky

    What did your Oncologist tell you to do about it?   I took 2 Tylenol 500 Gel Caps every 6 hours for over 6 months during my chemo & later during and after the 33 days of Radiation....and have used them ever since for pain when needed.  My Onc told me I was blessed with perfect Kidneys....  I hope your pain subsides and send you prayers for strength and courage as you go forward.

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    Bone pain.

    I would mention it to your oncologist, but bone aches are a side effect of Tamoxifin. I took that 20 years ago. Had some bone pain and stiffness at first, but it went away after awhile. My main problem with Tamoxifin was after about 4 months, I developed hot flashes, but my oncologist put me on a low dose of Effexor and that took care of the hot flashes. This time around (2nd Breast cancer), I'm on Letrozole and it too causes pretty significant joint and bone pain. Hoping that will ease as time goes on.

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    Bone Pain


    We have a lot in common!! I finished my radiation after my chemo about the end of March. I developed achy hips and thighs during radiation and then serious thigh aches from there after. The lower leg pain has subsided for the most part. I am taking Tamoxifen also now. Taxol nailed my bones for about 8 days solid and then it went away over time. I am currently still trying to figure out the thigh pain. Also my hands around my pointer finger and my thumbs are more weakened. I'll take it though if it means prolonging my life ;) I hope you get some relief. I'm trying to take Aleve and Tylenol at this point. Nothing too strong ~