One of US needs the rest of US


I have reasons to be concerned and downright worried about Yamster34. (posts on this and ovarian board.)

If prayer works for you please pray for her

If good wishes works, please make a wish 

If just hoping is your thing ,Please hope that her current condition improves

For me , I pray, I hope, I wish. Don't have full confidence in any but that's all I've got,It could be learned behavior that gives us comfort or it could be our saving grace.

There,fore  to the Creator of all living beings and  things, today I humbly Beg, Pray,Wish,and Hope that you intervene and give her a reprieve  and extend that reprieve to the rest of us.We are not worthy and I hereby  acknoweledge that  but we rely on your grace.Amen

I am sad, Moli



  • Cucu me
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    pray and wish

    the best to her and all other ladies

  • Kaleena
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    Sending prayers and good

    Sending prayers and good wishes.



  • TeddyandBears_Mom
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    Adding my Support

    Sending prayers, strength and a sense of peace forward. For me, prayer does work. I may not have been able to say that with as much conviction prior to my surgery. But, I FELT it.

    Yamster34 - I hope, wish, pray that you find the strength to rise above this beast again.

    Moli - you are a wonderful person. There is a time to be sad. But, please don't stay there long. I know you know this! Repeating back to you, your own wisdom.

    All of us are learning as we go. I hope everyone out there continues to live and thrive. 


  • NoTimeForCancer
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    Moli, so sweet to share your

    Moli, so sweet to share your concerns and what a beautiful prayer.  Everyone who reads it says your prayer. 

    May she feels all of His love as he cradles her in His loving arms.

  • molimoli
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    Ladies, thanks  for your kind responses, No word from her yet which is concerning as we always answer each other promptly on private mail.On the 23rd she pretty well said goodbye to me .With her strong faith intact said she  is " on my way to see Jesus"  She had very kind wishes for me and everyone on the boards  promising to ask Jesus to heal us when she gets there. Breaks my heart,  I had thought my tumble-weed days were done.,they are not done, Yes I hope they are fleeting , 'cause this feeling is arresting. I  will update.

                                                                                     Nuff Love everyone.


  • nempark
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    hugs for you too

    I am sending hugs for you Moli and all the sisters here.  Words are no longer there to express how I feel about this awful disease.  Just peace and comfort to all.

  • Editgrl
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    Your faith is inspiring

    Yamster34.  It has served you well so far, and it will not fail you now.  Strength, courage and peace to you.

  • AWK
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    Sending prayers

    And wishes for strength, peace and love.