How are things going Jeff!

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Hopefully you are back in the comfort of your home by now  and that infection is subsiding.

Just wanted to open a new page so everybody can give you support we all can use during hard times.

Wish you speedy recovery and lond term resolution,



  • Trubrit
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    Dear Jeff

    You and Winter are real troupers, and we think of you always. 

    I hope that you are feeling stronger by the day. 

    Sue - Trubrit

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    Thanks for being so

    Thanks for being so thoughtful Laz. I have been home since last wednesday night. The infection is under control. I still have a drain tube in my lung. They won't take it out until I am draining less than 5ml of fluid per day. i drained 16ml today so it will still be a while. Not fun walking around with a tube sticking out of your chest that is connected to a drain bag. I have to flush the line every day too which isn't fun but hey we all have to do what we have to do to survive. I was hoping to have it out this week so i could ride my motorcycle this week end. But I might ride it anyway bag and all. The other concern is that my white blood cell count suddenly started dropping even though I haven't done chemo in over a month. They think it might have to do with the IV antibiotics they were giving me in the hospital. I see my onc tomorrow and get CBC so we should have a better idea then. Hopefully the WBC started rising again since it has been a week since they took me off of those antibiotics although I am still taking oral antibiotics.