Colon cancer survivor with ct showing cyst on liver

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In January of this year I went to the ER with what I thought was Kidney Stones. Yes it was. I am a stage 3b colon cancer survivor with 6 rounds chemo 17 years ago. During my visit with the ER Dr. he stated that my CT scan without contrast revesled many cysts in my liver. He said go to your internAl med. Dr. To get them checked. It took much persuasion to get a dr. To see me. I am 62 and am seeing big changes for us seniors in healthcare even though I have great insurance. after visiting the new add. He ordered a CT with contrast of my pelvis and abdomen. I received a call from the nurse that everything was fine. Where did these Chsts go? I had a fall prior to the first test where I hit my right rib age and wondered if these cysts were trauma related. Would they disappear?i have been so scared as I have been in so much pain around this area and this was my second bout with kidney stones. My Dad had kidney cancer and I have had trace he studies for about 8 years. I hope I can find a Dr. To do an MRI on my abdomen as I am confused. I will get my blood work back next week , but I doubt after 17 years in remission if he did a CEA. Could someone explain some of this to me aand what I should do? I do not have an oncologist as the one I saw was in another state and the one here says I have to be diagnosed with cancer to get an appt. 



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    Colon cancer survivor with ct showing cysts on liver

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    Welcome to the forum

    You are fine posting here. As a surviving CRC patient, even after 17 (HOW WONDERFUL) years, there is of course, always a chance of reoccurance and I doubt that ever leaves your mind. 

    I would wait until the blood test results come back, and then think about a second opinoin. I would also want to talk to my Doctor about both of the CT Scan results. In fact, I wouild want him to pull them up both on his computer and go through them. My Radiatologist has always shown me my CT Scans, pointing to this and that, so that I can see what is or isn't happening. They are your scans, you have every right to see them, and you have the right for your Doctor to show them to you and not just have a nurse (who I'm sure is a wonderful, efficient person) give you a call. 

    Nobody really knows what we Cancer patients go through in our heads. They don't understand the fear that is always lurking in their somewhere. After 17 years, I hope it was buried deep, but now that it has been brought to the surface, then it needs to be addressed. 

    So, thats my little bit of advice. Have your Doctor go over the two scans with you. Have him show you the cysts in the first one, and then ssk him all the questions you can think of. Make a list. His time is your money, so don't worry about taking time. Get the answers you need to alieviate your worries. 

    May you find nothing but good results. Keep us posted. 

    Sue - Trubrit