Mom sailing along no Valium

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Wanted to let you know those prayers are working. Mom now gets he Rads without any meds. She is tired all the time but the mask anxiety is gone. She even allowed a Hospice nurse to come and explain Hospice care to her. Previously she didn't even want that name mentioned. She was under the belief that they gave you enough drugs to kill you. A death cocktail. So frustrates me when people read things from non medical sources and take them as fact. Anyway, keep up the prayers, they are working. And pray for my sisters who believe all these alarmist post about cancer.

Bless you all, Debbie


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    Debbie WOW, that's great news..............

    That is so good to hear that your Mother is doing so well with this, knowing how afraid she seemed to be. Prayers do get answered. You just have to ask the right was, like give me the strength to handle what ever this is, and low and behold, you can.

    Reasure your Mother the only cocktail they make is a great martini, but getting your Dr to Ok it is hard. LOL

    I would guess this has to take so much worrie and pressure off of you, and that is good news too.


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    Debbie, I am so glad to hear that your mother is sailing thru treatment without Valium.  You and I both know that hospice does not give you drugs to kill you.  Please tell her that my husband has been on hospice since September 2013 and that they certainly don't give you enough drugs to kill you.  In fact, they are careful in what they give you.  Point in fact, when Joe was doing his own medications, something he can't do now for himself, he read the dosage wrong and was taking too much (Ativan) which thankfully didn't harm him.  So when I took over, even I kept the dosage up until one day I was reading the label and looked at the dropper and found out he was getting the wrong dosage.  So I talked to hospice about it and reduced it to the right dosage.  I even talked about increasing it again because he is having so much anxiety as his time draws near, but she said no because he is getting it every 4 hours instead of every 6 hours.  

    I think at times people have the wrong impression about hospice being for end of life only and in-patient only.  Now they provide around the clock in-home hospice if needed and requested, something I haven't done but at times feel I need and it is even covered by Medicare.  

    Wishing you and your family peace and comfort -- Sharon

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    Debbie, I'm happy to hear your mom is doing okay with the radiation mask. We'll keep praying! 


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    Deb, that is great to hear. 

    Deb, that is great to hear.  I'm glad your mom is doing ok and I pray you and your sisters are also.  I keep you all in my prayers.

    God bless you,