Watch this.

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Watch "Run From The Cure"  If you have questions, ask away.



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    This is why I left this org.

    This is why I left this org. Nobody even wants to consider an alternative to the harsh drugs they pump into you.  The cancer won't kill you but the chemo and radiation will. 

    Well, I tried.  Good luck everyone.


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    I watched

    But of course, I also saw it when it first came out too, before I had cancer.  Trying this is not an option for me because I do not live in a State that approves the use of cannabis.  Couldn't even get to a hearing in the State Legislature last Spring. 

    Dateline had a great show on Sunday night about medical cannabis.  Hopefully when the main stream media starts promoting the use, things will get better.  I know too many people that won't believe anything unless they see it on the msm first.




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    As I recall from watching this was it not outside the U.S.?

    Cannabis remains a topic of interest to many for the treatment of different illnesses - multiple sclerosis comes to mind - but it is not available where we live.

    Did you have a personal experience you wished to share?