Exciting Info for those with a certain mutation of colon cancer cell, they've had success

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Around thre drugs drug that kicks in the immune system and attacks the cancer calls  is called pembrolizumab, Nivolumab and (didn't see what third one is called) Unfortunately you have to have a certain mutation in order for it to work.  Of 13 people that had the mutation, 12 had tumors shrink and some go away, many of these had no hope left.  25 who did not have the mutation showed NO shrinkagel so it won't work for everyone.  This particular trial and results were on Colorectal Cancer.  

Of course they are talking cost of drugs too expensive etc.  But this was also clinical trial what they will allow us to do from here, who knows if we will be allowed the drugs if we have the mutation.  

At least there is more hope out there.

The trial was originally started in 2013 at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, one fellow had months to live, after 8 Weeks and four infusions his tumors shrunk by 50 to 60% (Philip Prichard) Today, two years aftER treatment began they are considering halting th medication as no longer necessary. His was renal cell.


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