Snuc : Protons therapy or Tomotherapy ? Seeking advice

Dear Snuc survivors,

My husband (35 YO) was diagnosed with a snuc two months ago. He did respond very well to the first two first rounds of chemo. The tumor is almost all gone.

He is now scheduled for a 6 weeks radiation treatment with chemo. He should be treated with Tomotherapy. Altough, i've recieved a different advice, saying protons can be more effective.

What type of radiation did you get ? And what was the outcome ?

I wish you all the best possible result in your fight, 




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    First..., welcome Marie..

    Sorry you found your way here, but if you have to be here, it's a great place to be...


    I was STGIII Tonsils and a lymphnode..., and it's been over six years now, clean and clear.. Though I also had three rounds of Cisplatin, Taxotere and 5FU, then an additional seven weeks of concurrent Carboplatin with the 35 days of rads..

    My weapon of the MD's choice at the time was IMRT..intensity-modulated radiation therapy

    I can't speak of TOMO, but the IMRT, in addition to the chemo did the trick for me..

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    so sorry you and hubby are

    so sorry you and hubby are going through this.  i had imrt.  35 tx in 9/2009 then it came back and i had a complete laryngectomy 2/28/12.  i've been cancer free since then.  wishing you great success.

    God bless you,


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    Welcome to the H&N group Marie.....

    I know almost nothing about SNUC other than it is what they call rare and can be fast acting. I am very sorry you need to be here but you did find the best group for support. I only had surgery and never had chemo or any radiation so I can't really ansyer those questions but the others can and will try to help. What I can say is have fath in your doctors and try to take just one day at a time, as there will be bad ones. We will always be here to listen and give support. Just the word can be so scarry, but you can get through it. Having a positive attitude does really help and praying won't hurt ether. My attitude is what the doctors said is why I did so good. My wife has been sick for 35 years and was tols do to her fibrositis she would be confined to a wheelchair [25 years ago] and to even stop excersizing as it will just wear down her cartilage and make it worse. Well she kept excersizing and she has never been in a wheelchair and still walke two miles a day and even rides a bicycle up to five miles. All in to beleaving in yourself and "Never give up". We will keep you in our prayers.

    Please go to the home page and in the surch type SNUC, there have been outhers here and beat it and are cancer free. Here is the link to hers;  It can be beat.........Laughing