New to group - My mom was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma in February



In FEB my life changed as I found out my mom had brain cancer.

In the beginning of Mar, she had surgery to remove some of the mass and to test it to confirm it was cancer.  After the operation, she had to wait 4 weeks before treatment could start. When she had the MRI prior to her radiation treatment starting, the tumor had grew back.  My sister and I were devastated.  We had no idea how aggressive the cancer was.

My mother had the choice of also being in a study where she received a drug called Avastin.  This drug was put directly into the tumor.  She is now on day 23 of 30 treatments.

Her taste is a little off now due to the radiation treatments.  Also, she is having trouble with her vision.

My mom is a fighter and I know she will beat this.  I would just like to ask the members of this group what I can do to make life easier for her as she gets these treatments.

Thanks in advance!


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    The people on this site provide awesome support but I wonder if the brain cancer discussion board might have more specific resources for you?

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    Welcome to the H&N Group

    I know almost nothing about brain cancer, but I would say like Head and Neck it can be a rough road she in going down. It is very hard on loved ones and caregivers as you see and even feel hear pain, but just can't do much. Just being there is helping and giving support on those really bad days. There may be days of depression and you need to forgive the anger as it is not directed to you, it is the cancer scare. Praying doesn't hurt as I sure did a lot of that. If you need to vent and just get it out, you're always welcome to vent. We'll understand it helps just to get it out and with someone who can understand. I wish you both the best and will add you to my prayer list. May tomorrow be better, and remember, just take one day at a time. Also please check the Brain cancer form as thay have several posts on this.

    Bill  10-02-2013

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    It was the little things that

    It was the little things that meant a lot to me. Put a blanket on your mom when she's tired,  do a load of laundry, pick up groceries, tell your mom you love her. Talk about normal things, not just cancer. I would check out the brain cancer board for ideas to help your mom with the side effects of her therapy. You sound like a wonderful son and your family will be in my prayers.

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    Bless you

    Bless you for being there for your mom.  We might have some of the same side effects but don't really know much about specific brain cancer.  I know that the brain cancer site is not as active as we are so you might want to stick around and check the other site also.  My vision changed with different treatments.  Nothing to go and gget new glasses prescription for as vision came back.  The treatment was HBOT (hyperberic oxygen treatment).  I am on Taxol chemo now and vision has noticably changed in the last few weeks   I need to double check the side effects for that drug.  Try to stay off of Dr. Google sites, some will just depress.

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    hi big.  welcome to our

    hi big.  welcome to our family.  i'm very sorry about your mom.  i hope you are able to find your answers.  i will be praying for you and your family.

    God bless you,