Tamoxifen-any one else find it helped for another ailgment?

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While ON Tamoxifen for 5 yrs. MY ulcertive coloits was almost non exsistant- I would love to right to someone to see if any connection. Who would I contact I wonder?


The Pharmaciutal comany?  Some agency?


Since being off theh meds over a yaear my colitis flared up again-cooincidence or is it connected somehow-I am wondering.


(sorry if typs-my glasses broke-when I got hit playing kick ball in the yard-I am wearing old ones-not the correct script-but better then none)



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    I don't have many other

    I don't have many other issues . . . so, I really can't answer this.  I have osteo-arthritis, but taxmoxifen does not help that.  I have hypothyroidism, but I can't say the tamoxifen has had an effect on that.