can 3 P.E.T. scans be wrong ?

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My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer last July.They found a tumor in his intestine.  They did Chemo  had a PET scan and it said there was nothing. A few months later he also had another PET scan which also came up with nothing  found. So he discussed it with his Chemo Dr. and said since there showed nothing in the PET scan he wanted to stop it chemo . The doctor said not everybody finished the chemo and since the PET showed nothing he wasn't to concerned about it. About 4 months ago He was having trouble with gas and stomach pains and throwing up and went back to the doctor (surgeon) who said "let's keep an eye on it" He was admitted to the hospital and spent a couple of days. Had CAT scans which showed a "blockage" or some kind of "infection" so he was given antibiotics and lots of soup...A couple days later he felt a little better so he was discharged. About a week or so later he was back again throwing up, gas pain , his stomach mad sounds so back to the dr we went. She said not sure could be some kind of infection or leisions around his surgical site where the tumor was removed. 

Last week he was throwing up so bad he went back to the ER. Yesterday he was taken into surgery. The doctor came out and said that she had to open him up because she couldn't do it lab his stomach was so hard because of the gas. When she opened she said he was full of cancer !  He has a colostomy bag now , she said it is permanent. I wasn't present when the doctor talked to him. He has already said he didn't want to go through with the chemo again because of how it made him feel. Although the doctor said maybe since she had "rerouted" his insides he may not have the affects as severe. 

I am so afraid that he is just going to give up.We were thinking he was on the road to recovery and now he has hit a "road block"

We have a RV and he was making plans of doing alot of traveling.

Thanks for letting me vent..



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    Yes Ct/PET scans can miss colon or intestine tumors

    I've had that happen twice, severe pain, scans showed nothing, begged for colonoscopy each time, tumor was discovered via colonoscopy only, never through scan.  Apparently the colon or intestines tend not to show tumors in that area a lot of times, my first scan on my first colon tumor did show up, the last two tumors did not.  I am still waiting to see gastronogist to get another colonoscopy on this third tumor since it is causing a lot of pain and Onc is willing to have it cut out.

    Im so sory your husband had to go through that, I've posted a few times about colon tumors not showing up in scans, it really sucks, because the doctors actually never think about that, and we are left to suffer for awhile.

    I hope he reconsiders chemo, there are different kinds to try, I've been through all of them except Stirvargo which I told my a onc when he suggested it, are you really going to put me on that?  He took it off.  Or perhaps a trial might work for him, hopefully he won't give up.

    I wish you both the best,

    Winter Marie

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    Doctor said hard to see tumors in bowels Even with Pet Scans.  This is why CEA is pretty important for some.  

    My husband had the blockage Two years after first surgery with negative Pet scans.

    Blockage was in small intestine, but he was on chemo so tumor was dead.  He then was given a colostomy.  

    Hugs George & Diane

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    Hi Sandy, sorry for your

    Hi Sandy, sorry for your troubles.


    why is he considered stage 4?  It seems strange to me that an oncologist would just say okay to a stage 4 patient stopping chemo early.  Was he on folfox?  

    If you have not been going to docs with him, you may want to try to be there to make sure he's being followed closely enough.  Is he having regular cea checks?

    how old is he and how is his health besides the cancer?